3/25/18 - "In The Orchard" takes home the Jury Award for Best American Independent Feature Film at the 2018 Sonoma International Film Festival!

2/28/18 - I'm happy to share I've signed on to score, "Dhund: The Fog". The story is set against the backdrop of India and Pakistan’s partition in 1947 and the riots between Muslims and Sikhs as the mass exodus between the two nations began. It is a beautiful and intimate portrait of a family and the secrets they keep. I’m excited to begin work on this film!

2/19/18 - I will be in attendance at the World Premiere screening of, "In The Orchard" at the Sonoma International Film Festival on March 22 at 2 pm and March 23 at 8:30 pm. Looking forward to attending this prestigious and unique festival and seeing the film screen in front of an audience for the first time.

1/7/18 - "In The Orchard" is an official selection of the 2018 Sonoma International Film Festival! Festival will take place March 22nd-25th in beautiful Sonoma Valley, CA.

12/5/17 - Finished the score to, "The Development". Loved working with this talented crew!

10/17/17 - I've signed on to score "The Development", a 1940's period film noir about a forensic detective who wants to prove she can handle the work of a detective. The film has a beautiful shooting style with all of the hallmarks of this wonderful genre. I'm looking forward to working on the score!

10/02/17 - Very happy to share news I am a featured composer in the Cinequest Pick The Score Competition! Please vote for my score here.

9/20/17 - In The Orchard is an official selection of the Buffalo International Film Festival. Screening will take place on October 6th in Buffalo, NY.

9/15/17 - In The Orchard is an official selection at this year's Ojai Film Festival in Ojai, California! Screening will take place Nov. 6th with more details TBA.

8/10/17 - Excited to share news I have been selected as a finalist in a film scoring competition with more details TBA very soon. :)

4/22/17 - I'm thrilled to have completed the score for the feature film, "In the Orchard"! It's been a long journey, and I got to work with some amazing people along the way: Writer/Producer Dana White, Director Chris Knoblock, mixing engineer Sebastian Sheehan Visconti, my music crew: woodwind multi-instrumentalist Josh Plotner, pianist Stacey Monroe and engineers Danny Gray and Joe Patrych. I'm so proud of this score and film, it's a unique and moving story. 

4/3/17 - Completed score for the film, "Either/Or"! It's been a busy and exciting few months, more updates soon.

1/13/17 - "Within" recently screened to great reviews at the Beijing MAiNframe Film Festival in Beijing, China. Congratulations to cast and crew!

1/2/17 - Recently provided music for the stop motion short film, "R.I.P. 2016, Hello 2017", by San Francisco based stop motion animation team of Shayna Yasuhara and Josh Herbolsheimer. You can check out the wonderfully charming film here. Happy 2017!

12/3/16 - We're in the final stages of the score for the feature film, "In the Orchard"! This has been an incredible journey for all of us working on the film. Looking forward to sharing it with the world!

11/30/16 - Recorded clarinet, bansuri flute and shakuhachi tracks by the wonderfully gifted multi-instrumentalist Josh Plotner for the score for, "In the Orchard". 

11/24/16 - "Cherry's In Season", screened last night to a packed house as part of the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at the Huntington Arts Theatre. Thank you to the festival for putting together such an amazing night, and to everyone who came out to see the film!!! 

11/14/16 - Recorded violin and viola tracks by the talented violinist, Maria Grigoryeva for the score for, "In the Orchard".

11/4/16 - I've completed the score for the Beijing-based film, "Within". "Within" is a sophisticated and haunting Sci-Fi film by Director Evan Kimball Plochmann. Was thrilling to create a score to match the intensity of this film!

10/17/16 - "Cherry's In Season", takes home the award for Best Feature LGBT Documentary at the 2016 Atlantic City Cinefest!

8/17/16 - "Cherry's In Season", is an official selection of the Golden Door International Film Festival. The festival screening will take place on September 24th. Tickets and more info can be found here

7/7/16 - "Cherry's In Season", a documentary feature film I recently scored, will have its premiere at the Long Beach International Film Festival! The screening will take place on August 4th, 6:15 pm at the Long Beach Cinema. Ticket and Festival info TBA shortly.

6/24/16 - I've just signed on to score the Independent Feature Length Film, "In the Orchard", Written by Dana White and Directed by Christopher Knoblock. Looking forward to sharing more updates as we go!

6/22/16 - I have officially signed on to score the Beijing-based production, "Within", by Director Evan Kimball Plochmann. Looking forward to creating an evocative score to match this sophisticated Sci-Fi Film.

5/14/16 - Currently working on music for an Art Installation and a track for an album with a Jaffa-based Producer. Looking forward to sharing more details soon!

5/3/16 - "Some Monsters" takes home the Jury Award for Best Short Film at NFFTY.

3/29/16 - Starting work on the score for, "Either/Or" with Writer/Director Elspeth Brown. I'm really excited to create a beautiful orchestral score for this film!

3/14/16 - Finished score for, "The End Game". Debut screening will happen this Summer and will have more details soon!

12/27/15 - Beginning work on an exciting feature film project! More details to be announced in 2016.

12/5/15 - Currently at work on the score for, "The End Game", by Writer/Director Elspeth Brown.

12/3/15 - I've just completed the score for, "Some Monsters". Beautiful film, was a joy to work on it.

11/23/15 - Currently at work on the scores for, "Some Monsters" and "The End Game".

10/28/15 - "Cherry's In Season" will have its private screening tonight! So proud to have scored this amazing documentary. We are really excited to share it with the world, and will have more details on screenings and festivals soon.

10/9/15 - Next month, my concert chamber work, "Lilacs" will be performed as part of the program, Fury,  which features the music of contemporary women composers. The concert will be presented at The National Opera Center in NYC, on November 12th at 7:30 pm. A limited number of complimentary tickets can be found here. I'm tremendously excited to be part of this evening and hope to see you there!

10/8/15 - Have signed on to score the film, "Some Monsters", currently in production. This is a poignant film, which looks at how sexual assault affects an entire family, as well as the survivor. I am looking forward to creating a score which will support this beautiful, dramatic story.

10/5/15 - Had the pleasure of doing music preparation for composer Danny Gray's majestic score for the feature length documentary, "Standing in the Stars: The Peter Mayhew Story" this weekend. The score was recorded by a 70 piece orchestra in Budapest, and will be released later this year.

9/28/15 - We are now in the final stages of post for, "Cherry's In Season"! I'm really proud of this score and this film, and can't wait to share it with the world!

7/18/15 - Will begin work on a commission for a large scale composition for solo voice, chamber ensemble and film this fall, with a premiere date scheduled for September, 2016. Looking forward to sharing more details soon!

7/2/15 - "L'infinito" my composition for mixed choir and solo cello has been included in a dissertation on the subject of solo instruments in choral works. Tallinn, Estonia.

6/22/15 - I'm excited to share that Above the Sea will be airing tonight on World Channel at 6:30 pm ET and 9:30 pm ET. This is a national broadcast and includes NYC's WLIW and LA's PBS SoCal World.  More info here!

6/15/15 - Above the Sea is now available to watch in its entirety on PBS video as part of Film School Shorts!  You can check it out here!

5/26/15 - And we have picture lock!!!  Now the fun begins: Score for the feature length documentary, "Cherry's In Season".

4/25/15 - Starting work on the score to the feature length documentary, "Cherry's In Season".  More details on the film soon.  Looking forward to creating a fun, enigmatic score for this unique documentary!

3/23/15 - Excited to announce I will be starting work on the score for a unique feature length documentary next month!  More details TBA

1/20/15 - Finished scoring the trailer for the feature length film, "Silas". 

12/17/14 - Beginning work on a feature length film trailer.  The film is about a U.S. Army vet with a psychiatric discharge who returns home from Afghanistan.  Looking forward to sharing more details soon.

12/2/14 - Honored to announce I will be a featured panelist with New York Women in Film and Television at their event, "Building Great Soundtracks Without Breaking Your Budget" at BMI - 7 World Trade Center on Thursday, Dec. 4.  More information can be found here.  Hope to see you there!

11/4/14 - Recently wrapped up the score for, "Promenade" a feature length indie film by L.A. based Director Darrell Holmes.

10/8/14 - Pauly Shore's Podcast: Pauly Shore's Interested now available here on itunes.

9/17/14 - I was recently interviewed by the talented writer Dakota Kim for the Shake Law Blog, where I shared some of my experiences writing for film and television and what advice I would give to composers just starting out.  The full interview can be found here.

9/3/14 - Choreographer Chriselle Tidrick will be performing her aerial work, "Absentia" with an original score by me at The Muse in Williamsburg on September 19, 20 and 21.  Tickets can be purchased here.

8/2/14 - BMI has posted an article on the 2014 NYU/BMI Music in Advertising Workshop, which I recently participated in.  You can read about the workshop here.

7/28/14 - Had a fantastic time at the 2014 NYU/BMI Music in Advertising Workshop!  The instructors and panelists were so inspiring and well informed about the industry, and the input I received on my work was invaluable. I was lucky to have worked with great musicians and engineers on my recording sessions and loved meeting so many talented fellow composers from all over the globe.  

7/15/14 - Currently at work on the score for the feature length film, "Promenade" by Director Darrell Holmes.

7/2/14 - "My Land", by Director Clara Leac, recently screened in Paris.

6/23/14 - Starting work on the score for "Promenade", a feature length film by the talented L.A. based Writer/Director Darrell Holmes.  This marks our second film project together, and I am looking forward to another great collaboration!  "Promenade" tells the story of a high school senior who, two weeks before graduation, disappears in search of his estranged father thought lost in the snows of Donner Pass.

6/8/14 - "Above the Sea" by Director Keola Racela has won the Gold Medal in the Narrative Category at the 2014 Student Academy Awards! So incredibly honored to have scored this film, and collaborated with this talented team.

5/21/14 - I have been accepted into the 2014 NYU/BMI Music in Advertising Workshop!  Looking forward to learning all I can from these phenomenal composers and producers.

5/16/14 -  I'm thrilled to announce "Above the Sea" is now a 2014 Student Academy Award Winner!

5/9/14 - I have been featured in an article in ASCAP's Playback Magazine for my work on "Above the Sea", and the film's recent finalist nomination for the 41st Student Academy Awards: The article can be found here

5/8/14 - "Above the Sea" has received the Festival Golden Reel Award at The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

4/24/14 - "Above the Sea" by Writer/Director Keola Racela is now a finalist in the 41st Student Academy Awards!

4/21/14 - I have finished my score for, "Mountain" by Writer/Director Darrell Holmes.

4/17/14 - Just wrapped up my score for, "My Land" by Director Clara Leac.

8/19/13 - Article in Filmmaker Magazine featuring the ASCAP Composer's Spotlight as a resource for filmmakers by ASCAP/Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop Professor, Alex Steyermark - Here